Welcome to Xyntax Control Systems, proud supplier of Bespoke BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems) since 2004 and partnered with one of the most renowned BMS manufacturers, Priva. We develop, install, commission and maintain BEMS solutions for all types of buildings such as new-build, refurbishment and retrofit sectors. Our BEMS solutions can allow you to understand, monitor and control your heating and energy within one or more of your buildings. With this extensive control you can then optimise with ease and save energy.

The success of a system depends not only on specification compliance at installation completion, but also on maintenance of performance throughout a system's whole lifespan.

To this end we place design emphasis on user-friendly operability and maintain a strong continuing commitment to comprehensive ongoing customer operation support.

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What we do

Our office is based near Cambridge, due to recently moving to Cambourne, but we work all over the UK; primarily around London but we have taken on several projects all around the country, including Scotland with our Northern team. We continue to supply and support a range of varied types of BEMS projects, and have completed work for delivery offices, councils, schools, colleges, universities, halls of residences, retirement homes, swimming pools, sheltered housing and more!

BEMS: What is it?

A BEMS (Building Energy Management System) is often used to utilise a new or existing plant room so it can run in automation to it's maximum efficiency. Thus improving overall energy performance which, in turn, means reduced energy consumptions and saving money.

What can we control?

We can control almost any type of energy consuming product that you may find you want extensive control over. This can be anything from plant room items (boilers, pumps, valves etc.), to HVAC systems (supply & extract fans, dampers, heater batteries etc.), lights or unique items such as wave machine controls for swimming pools. The possibilities are nearly endless!

What can we monitor?

This BMS will allow you to monitor and control mechanical and electrical items as well as monitoring additional values such as gas, water and electricity consumptions. Then with on board data logging, you can open graphs to analyse sensor values (temperatures, CO2, etc) or meter readers (gas, water, etc) over long periods of time.

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Priva BMS

As a certified Priva partner, we have qualified Priva Engineers for both the HX and the new Blue ID BMS control systems. We develop the software to meet your requirements, then supply and install the building control hardware. The Priva software is extremely reliable and the hardware is very robust, giving your buildings the reliability and continuity they require.


Graphics & Dashboard

Here at Xyntax we provide our customers with unique front end overview graphics as standard and also an optional dashboard, all for no extra cost!

Our overview graphics will allow you to see your system as a whole; providing you with an in-depth view of the system with complete control. Whereas the dashboard allows for simple alterations and monitoring such as changing time schedules, great for basic users!

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Services & Support

We are happy to provide you with ongoing support and we are pleased to assure you that Priva BMS hardware comes with a full 2 year guarantee.

Service Plan

A variety of service plans are available to suit all budgets. All service plans include an Annual Maintenance Inspection, call-outs and unlimited telephone support.

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